c\a\n\a\d\a delineating nation state capitalism

Scapegoat 12–13

c\a\n\a\d\a: delineating nation state capitalism aims to connect two critical discourses about space that have so far been disassociated: architectural theories that point to the importance of real property as the fundamental unit of urban morphology and architectural typology, and Indigenous land claims which point to the violence of colonial land dispossession, through which this property was originally invented and formed.

This research sees property delineation as a fundamental grammatical logic of the production of the space of nation, state and capital. Nisga’a architect luugigyoo patrick reid stewart, who is interviewed in this volume, underlines this fact when he likens the grammar of the English language to the striation of colonial land appropriation.

To counter the violence of this colonial language, he writes without periods or capitals, and spells “Canada,” a word derived from the Iroquoian word kanata, meaning “settlement,” with backward slashes between each of its letters, a critical spelling that literally illustrates the fragmentation of land produced through the delineation of colonial land appropriation.

The editors and contributors to this volume approach this intersection of Indigenous and settler viewpoints, as well as the interdisciplinary perspectives of both spatial delineators and critical commentators, in order to understand the deep connections between Indigenous dispossession and urban pathologies of gentrification, homelessness, systemically biased planning and urban alienation.

Finally, contributors to this issue address this connection in order to rethink and redraw land relations as a foundation for undoing this alienation and creating spaces that cultivate a caring relation with land, kin and strangers.

Contributors: Sabrien Amrov, George Baird, Nicholas Blomley, D.T. Cochrane, Sarah Cooper, Roberto Damiani, Tiffany Kaewen Dang, Bonnie Devine, Victoria Freeman, Luis Jacob, Dani Kastelein-Longlade, Irena Latek, Adam Lauder, Ange Loft, Sophie Maguire, Kanahus Manuel, Phil Monture, Michael Piper, Brian Porter, Beverly A. Sandalack, luugigyoo patrick reid stewart, Martha Stiegman, Eunice Wong.

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  1. Adrian Blackwell and David Fortin
    c\a\n\a\d\a delineating nation state capitalism
  2. Colonial Land-appropriation Founds the Laws and Spaces of Our Nation

  3. Ange Loft, Victoria Freeman, and Martha Stiegman
    By These Presents: “Purchasing” Toronto
  4. Luis Jacob
    The View from Here
  5. The Puzzle of the Haldimand Tract: 45 Years of Land Claims Research at Six Nations. A Conversation with Phil Monture
  6. Tiffany Kaewen Dang
    Grids and Parks: Two Sides of an Extractive Worldview
  7. Sabrien Amrov
    The Intimacy of Three Ideologies of Property: Use, Improvement, Propertied Abstractions and Status
  8. Sarah Cooper
    Stolen City: Racial Capitalism and the Making of Winnipeg
  9. The Lot is the Basic Unit of Urban Morphology and Architectural Typology

  10. An Architectural Theory of the Lot: A Conversation with George Baird
  11. Roberto Damiani and Michael Piper
    Toronto 1788–1978: Real Property, Dispossession and the City
  12. Irena Latek
    From City Lines to Life Paths
  13. Beverly A. Sandalack
    Walled Out / Walled Off / Walled In
  14. The Zero-sum Violence of the Precarious Property Space: A Conversation with Nicholas Blomley
  15. Property Division at Six Nations of the Grand River: A Conversation with Brian Porter
  16. Decolonization Multiplies our Relationship with Land

  17. D.T. Cochrane and Kanahus Manuel
    Confronting the Immanent Value of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion,
  18. Dani Kastelein-Longlade
    We Belong with the Water
  19. Sophie Maguire and Eunice Wong
    Beneath the Paving,    !
  20. Bonnie Devine
    Circles and Lines: Michi Saagiig
  21. Adam Lauder
    Rita Letendre | Public Art on the Line
  22. refusing the colonial grammar of c\a\n\a\d\a: a conversation with luugigyoo patrick reid stewart

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