Author, Editor
  • Volcanoes of the Capitalocene Alan Smart 2021 print
  • Avid Readers 5: Sinister Anonymity in the Sexual Linguistic Field Other Forms 2021 print event
  • Counter Signals 3: (All the Way) Down with Platforms! Other Forms 2018 print
    • Turtles Alan Smart   print web
    • Architecture Mustn’t Burn Simon Sadler   print web
    • The Vectoralist Class McKenzie Wark   print
  • Scapegoat 11: Life Marcin Kedzior, Seth Denizen 2018 print
  • Counter-Signals 4: Identity is the Crisis print
    • The Proletariat Nathan Brown  
    • Looking at Workers, Working with Workers: Struggles and Experiments in Collaboration in West German Arbeitfilm in the 1970s Ulrike Jordan  
  • Index Art Book Fair event