1. Shelf Life of the Library
    Resistance between the Margins
    13 April 2023
    PrintRoom, Rotterdam

    Shelf Life of the Library reflects on what kind of artistic, activist and more broadly research strategies can be adopted in order to re-evaluate, and potentially expand the dominant narratives that frame how we understand past, present and future. We invite you to join Alan Smart, Mariana Lanari, Heide Hinrichs and Elizabeth Haines in exploring – provocatively, playfully, curiously – legacies of resistance and critical social action, and the contemporary negotiation of these histories in printed matter.

  2. Strike
    17–23 January 2023
  3. The Shelf
    Festival for Artistic Publishing
    28–30 October
    Hanover, DE
  4. NY Art Book Fair 2022
    13–16 October 2022
    548 W 22nd St, NYC

  5. K-Set
    9 July 2022
    Rautistrasse 22, Flüelastrasse 56

    Collective and self-initiated publishing day

  6. Miss Read
    Archives in Action, Publishing as Protest
    1 May 2022
    Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

    A conversation with Erica Overmeer and Alan Smart on the intersections of print media and publishing as forms, and modes of political practice – framed as protest, action or activism, and demonstration.

  7. Index Art Book Fair
    Avid Readers 5: Sinister Anonymity in the Sexual and Linguistic Fields
    22 January 2022
    kurimanzutto, Mexico City

    readers: Susana Vargas Cervantes, Erin Madarieta, Jack Henrie Fisher, Ana Segovia, Mariajo Montijano, Juan Gómez, Alan Smart

  8. What Is an Identity and What Can We Do about It?
    Counter-Signals 4 Launch
    21 October 2021
    Casa Bosques, Mexico City

    Jack Henrie Fisher, in conversation with Anuar Portugal, in an ambling illustrated critical delineation of what is called, in graphic design, visual identity, of the ways in which graphic design helps capitalism to organize and subjugate the world through the concept of identity. This critique of visual identity is aimed at the system of forms that disciplines and controls people and things, and concludes with a wish fulfillment / alternate reality scenario about the communism of corporate modernism.

  9. Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair
    Avid Readers 5: Sinister Anonymity in the Sexual and Linguistic Fields
    28 February 2021

    readers: Hannah Bruckmüller, Evan Fusco, Verónica Casado Hernández, Erin Madarieta, Nat Pyper, Michal B. Ron

  10. Index Art Book Fair
    23–26 January 2020
    Kurimanzutto Gallery, Mexico City
  11. Avid Readers 3
    May 3–5 2019
    Miss Read
    Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
  12. Rrréplica
    31 January–2 February 2020
    Mexico City
  13. Chicago Art Book Fair

    15–17 November 2019
    Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, Chicago
  14. Detroit Art Book Fair

    12–14 October 2019
    Trinospheres, Detroit
  15. New York Art Book Fair
    20–22 September 2019
    Moma PS 1, Long Island City, NY
  16. Avid Readers 4
    Lecture on Reading
    18 August 2019
    Inga Books, Chicago

  17. Counter-Signals 2 Launch
    6 January 2018
    Hopscotch Reading Room

    Other Forms will host a discussion at the Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin (Kurfurstenstrasse 14), joined by designer and writer Cornelia Durka. In the context of a discussion about the political aspirations and contexts of independent publishing, Cornelia will present her recent research into the Handbuch der Raubdrucke. In 1973, the lawyer and private collector of pirated editions, Albrecht Götz von Olenhusen, published, together with Christa Gnirß, this comprehensive bibliography which documents the publishing praxis of the German-speaking New Left during four years (1968-1971). Cornelia will discuss how these “socialized prints and proletarian reprints“ clashed with copyright law, challenged library science, and exposed even progressive writers as loyal to the bourgeois conception of intellectual property.