Other Forms is are a mobile research and design collective working in multiple intersections of architecture, graphic design, and publishing. Other Forms is are Jack Henrie Fisher and Alan Smart and a fluid community of colleagues and comrades: writers, designers, artists, old and new friends, sympathetic strangers and unexpected allies encountered in orbits of practice.

Other Forms develops new aesthetics and ideologies of content for militant communication experiments. Other Forms criss-cross political economies of print. In every publication, Other Forms investigates the implicit mutuality and antagonisms of materials, aesthetics, and media, in the production and reproduction of new old forms of political communication.

Other Forms is committed to an understanding of design as practices both shaped by and reflexively capable of a critique of its material social conditions and the relations of production with which it engages. Other Forms seeks marginal spaces and unacknowledged excesses within and between the clearer and more swiftly flowing currents of the contemporary mainstream. Other Forms operate from a position of precarious and acutely incomplete autonomy, subject to multiple regimes of value, structures of knowledge, and most hopefully, political projects. Other Forms produces written and spoken propaganda and anticipates the possibility of architecture, or preferably, the revolution.

We/they are based in Chicago and Berlin. In every project, Other Forms seeks to open or reveal surplus spaces for the production of speech and writing. Other Forms works contingently and dialectically, making it up as we they go along, each step retroactively illuminating and reformulating the ones before, in the construction of an incomplete sentence about work, language, and politics.


  • Inga Books, Chicago
  • Printed Matter, NYC
  • Hopscotch Reading Room, Berlin
  • Pro qm, Berlin
  • San-Serriffe, Amsterdam
  • International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam
  • PrintRoom, Rotterdam
  • Casa Bosques, Mexico City
  • Good Press, Glascow
  • Matéria Prima, Porto
  • After 8 Books, Paris
  • Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee
  • IWW, Chicago
  • Tenderbooks, London


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