Other Forms at Index Art Book Fair

Other Forms will present recently published books plus an ad-hoc stack of incendiary broadsheets and performance scripts at Index Art Book Fair, February 2–7, in Mexico City / DF.

screenshot from ¡Que viva México!, Sergei M. Eisenstein
screenshot from ¡Que viva México!, Sergei M. Eisenstein.

Index, the first art book fair in Mexico focused on independent publishers.
Encompassing Mexican, South American and European art publishers through collaborations with celebrated and established fairs, Index aims to bring to wider attention editorial projects centered around contemporary art that lack big distribution as well as open a space for dialogue and exchange within the context of Mexico.
Index assembles an exciting program of events that include exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and more, providing a unique opportunity for editors and the wider public alike to discover, enjoy and discuss the cutting edge of art publishing today.