School of Architecture, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
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The entire site is one deep and fluid column of content. This is a radically simple structure, one that reflects and intensifies the contemporary web. The single column is punctuated by islands of particular pages. When one hovers in the column these islands are revealed by a blue box. A click will call the appearance of an overlay page above the column. And the X sends you back. Identity is navigation.


Between sections in the fluid column, a blue counter-field is revealed. In the spatial logic of the site, the blue field is behind the column. It’s a deeper stratification, an unmoving surface in implied three dimensional counterpoint to the fluid vertically of the column. And yet the set of Hawaiian words which appear there are dynamic: endlessly recombined with each appearance.


There are two ways to navigate the site —
+ Infinite scrolling. Just keep scrolling and you can get anywhere.
+ The school’s logo mark, an arch beside HIDESIGN, opens a blue navigation field. From this birds-eye vantage, one can shuttle to any non-contiguous place in the site. The navigation field can be called from anywhere in the site by clicking the arch. This sort of navigation is conventionally figured on mobile and, increasingly, laptops as a so-called hamburger icon. In a crucial turn of our identity, this navigational icon becomes the arch.


Each section of content (“people”, “about”, “programs”, etc) is articulated by a monochromatic gradient (blue). The depth of the gradient is proportional to the depth of the content. The monochromatic gradient is an abstraction of a rainbow.



The blue figuratively refers to the sky and water which surround the islands. And the blue literally refers to the default color of a web link: internet blue. This is thus a “post-digital” blue: nature absorbed in the format of the web.