Europe ’18

Other Forms partially crosses European Continent:

On Saturday 6 Jan Other Forms will host a discussion at the Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin (Kurfurstenstrasse 14), joined by designer and writer Cornelia Durka. In the context of a discussion about the political aspirations and contexts of independent publishing, Cornelia will present her recent research into the Handbuch der Raubdrucke. In 1973, the lawyer and private collector of pirated editions, Albrecht Götz von Olenhusen, published, together with Christa Gnirß, this comprehensive bibliography which documents the publishing praxis of the German-speaking New Left during four years (1968-1971). Cornelia will discuss how these “socialized prints and proletarian reprints“ clashed with copyright law, challenged library science, and exposed even progressive writers as loyal to the bourgeois conception of intellectual property.

On Wednesday 10 Jan, we will present Counter-Signals 2, in the context of the Other Forms publishing project, at the Salon für Kunstbuch in Vienna.

On Thursday 11 Jan, we will land in London and visit Evening Class. We will rehearse here a reading of Seth Siegelaub’s introduction to volume 1 of Communication and Class Struggle, and hypothesize the contemporary political stakes of that bibliographic disorganization and precarity which Siegelaub melancholically articulated for XX century Marxist publishing.

At Evening Class, Other Forms will be joined in discussion by Nicholas Thoburn, author of Anti-Book: On the Art and Politics of Radical Publishing (University of Minnesota Press, 2016). Presenting what he terms “a communism of textual matter,” Nicholas explores the encounter between political thought and experimental writing and publishing, shifting the politics of text from an exclusive concern with content and meaning to the media forms and social relations by which text is produced and consumed.

Counter-Signals contributors Chris Lee, Joel Colover, and Charlotte Taillet will also be in attendance and join the discussion.

Be theres!