Avid Readers 4: Lecture on Reading

Materials, Form, Organization, Actions
edited by Jack Henrie Fisher


“Avid reader” is a collocation — a phrase of two or more words that accompany each other more often than would occur by chance. Avid Readers is an event to convene a group of different readers according to something other than chance, something like desire (the latin root of “avid”).


Avid Readers is an experiment in reprinting and at the same time is a script for a collective reading. It is an elliptical out-loud construction of a theme in print. Avid Readers reproduces not only words but also the form of words in print. We read together not as a ritual but instead as the lucid collective enunciation of the material texts assembled.


Avid Readers 4 — A Lecture on Reading — has to do with reading, with how to read and with the appearance and organization of the words we read together and what, together, we can do with them.




August/September 2019
Script for collective reading at Inga bookshop, Chicago and Athens Art Book Fair
softcover, 28 pp. plus insert, red / blue / black risograph, 6.5 x 9.25 inches
Edition of 100