Autonomous Composition Machine

(Recombinant Text Project Phase 01)
Workshop Event for SqEK 2014 Conference
20–25 May 2014

Centro Sociale Occupato e Autogestito, Forte Prenestino,
Rome, Italy



The first phase of the Recombinant Text Project was staged during the 2014 meeting of the Squatting in Europe Research Kollektiv (SqEK) at the occupied social center Forte Prenestino in Rome. Members of SqEK had been working on a collectively produced book that would collect a variety of texts and images narrating a history of squatter movements in Europe and North America. Contributors brought with them or printed out texts and images and used the composition frames to organize them into a manuscript and discuss the structure of the book. It was originally decided to organize the material according to the country it related to, but, as the sequencing of the country sections was discussed, other strains of narrative emerged, which linked the various texts and ideas across the sequential chapter structure. The material hung on the frames during the initial workshop event was left on display for the rest of the day, and, as the social center became more busy, discussions continued and members of the Forte Prenestino collective and the public at large became involved in the editorial process.