Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces


While many of these voices assert accounts of a cohesive international squatter movement, the anthology, when taken as a whole, tells a more complex story about constellations of movements and practices, intensely engaged with local conditions that have developed as people have struggled to survive, express themselves, carve out zones of autonomy and resistance, and push back against the dominance of capitalism in the city.

Carrie Secrist Gallery


Responding to the coincidence of a newly designed interior gallery space with a new online space, we developed the gallery’s identity in the figure of an empty and flexible box: referring both to the gallery’s physical “white cube” and the box structure of HTML.

In Tattern


Dear Uljana,
I’m mostly trying to use machine software (underline styles) to show holes between words and the raveling/unraveling of letters as words, as opposed to an image or representation of embroidery. But it’s hard to find the right path, maybe because thread, weaving etc is already so foundational to typography.

Recombinant Text Project

Theorizing architecture is complicated — productively or not — by a preponderance of overlapping linguistic references entangling the terms used to describe how texts are constructed and made to carry meaning, and the ways that objects and images are produced and used to make space.